Aims and Objectives

In commemmoration of Shri.C.Achutha Menon, it is the aim of the Foundation to organise, promote and conduct activities in matters which were of interest to him inclusive of the following:

  1. To promote and assist basic and scientific studies in disciplines such as sociology, economics, philosophy, historiography and political science relevant to the problems confronting the Nation.
  2. To engage in the extension of basic and scientific knowledge concerning various spheres of social life.
  3. To organise study classes, debates and discussion on the above mentioned matters.
  4. To facilitate continuing exchange of ideas among scholars of different disciplines.
  5. To organise and maintain libraries
  6. To institute research centres and organise research studies.
  7. To institute awards and prizes for deserving students and scholars and extend assistance to them.
  8. To publish books, periodicals, commentaries, reports or research papers on studies relating to social life.
  9. To organise publicity and exhibitions on scientific and technological subjects.
  10. To accelerate socio-economic development through application of science and technology in a manner best suited to our villages, towns and cities to formulate projects and found institutions for implementation of these objectives.
  11. To promote low cost housing and to design and popularise more efficient house-hold appliances, working tools and equipments in rural areas.
  12. To organise activities for conservation of the environment and natural resources such as land, water, air etc. so as to promote sustainable developoment by rational management.
  13. To campaign for and act in furtherance of the noble objectives and the fundamental rights and obligations enshrined in the Constitution of India; for the unity and integrity of the country and to discourage religious, casteist, linguistic, ethnic, parochial and other disruptive tendencies inimical to the interests of the country.
  14. To initiate activities that would bring about democratic decentralisation so that the masses actively participate in the developmental activities and democratic processes in the country.
  15. To formulate and implement projects and activities in aid of the weaker sections and individuals suffering from privation.
  16. To co-operate and interact with national and international organisations and institutions in furtherance of the above.