C.Achutha Menon passed away on 16th August 1991. A preparatory meeting with the object of setting up some memorial activities for Achutha Menon was held on 14.12.1991 in the YMCA Hall. The meeting was called by K.V.Surendranath, who was entrusted with the task by the Communist Party of India. The meeting was attended by 63 persons including among others Dr.K.N.Raj, Dr,K.N.Pai, P.K.Vasudevan Nair, S.Sharma, K.Ramachandran, Laurie Baker, Parassala Sivanandan, Dr.P.G.K.Panicker, Dr.K.Sasidharan, Dr.V.Ramankutty, P.Kumar, V.Thankayya, Prof.V.K.Damodaran, P.Viswambharan, K.P.Udayabhanu, M.P.Appan, Dr.K.Raman Pillai, T.V.Joseph, K.R.Varma, Thengamam Balakrishnan, C.Unniraja, V.K.Damodaran, N.A.Karim, M.N.V.G.Adiyodi, Dr.I.S.Gulatti, N.N.Pandarathil and N.Ananda Krishnan. The meeting resolved to set up a suitable memorial for Achutha Menon as an independent organization accessible to all sections of the community regardless of political affiliations and to raise necessary funds for the realization of the programmes. A memorial committee be set up with S/Shri. E.M.S.Namboodiripad, Com. Indrajith Gupta, Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer, Arch Bishop Rev. Benedict Mar Gregoriose, G.Ramachandran, K.Karunakaran and P.P.Thankachan as patrons, Dr.K.N.Pai as Chairman, K.V.Surendranath as Convenor and Dr.K.N.Raj, P.K.Vasudevan Nair, E.Gopalakrishna Menon, M.T.Vasudevan Nair, Dr.Sukumar Azheekode, Laurie Baker, Dr.N.Narayanan Nair, Kesavankutty Menon, Dr.M.S.Valiathan, S.Sharma, C.K.Chandrappan, P.P.Ummerkoya, Malayattor Ramakrishnan, K.R.Varma, Prof.O.N.V.Kurup, V.Thankayya, Dr.N.Balakrishnan Nair, Dr.V.K.Damodaran, Sivan (Sivan Studio), P.Viswambharan, K.Pankajakshan, Dr.N.A.Karim, Prof.K.T.Chandy, P.C.John, Dr.I.S.Gulatti, K.R.Chummar, M.S.Mani, S.Jayachanran Nair, Dr.P.K.Gopalakrishnan, N.C.Mammootty, K.C.Mathew, Antony Thomas, K.U.Warrier, Dr.A.D.Damodaran, Adv.K.Sankunni Menon, Dr.Puthusseri Ramachandran, Koladi Govindamkutty, V.R.Janardhanan, N.Shanmughom Pillai and V.R.Venugopal as members.

The first meeting of the committee

The first meeting of the committee held on 26.12.1991 resolved among others to register the Foundation under the Societies Registration Act, and issue an appeal for donations. Accordingly the Foundation was registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and charitable societies Act 1955 on 29.01.1992 as per REG No. 47/92. The founder members included Dr.K.N.Pai, Dr.K.N.Raj, Laurie Baker, Subramonia Sarma, V.Thankaiah, K.V.Surendranath, C.K.Chandrappan, Dr.Puthussery Ramachandran and N.Shanmughom Pillai.

The first general Meeting of the Foundation

    The first general Meeting of the Foundation held immediately after registration (Jan 1992) elected the following Executive Committee.
  • Dr.K.N.Pai
  • President
  • Dr.K.N.Raj
  • Vice President
  • Laurie Baker
  • Secretary
  • K.V.Surendranath
  • Treasurer
  • K.R.Varma
  • Secretary
  • K.V.Surendranath
  • Executive Member
  • S.Sharma
  • "
  • C.K.Chandrappan
  • "
  • V.R,Janardhanan
  • "
  • V.R,Janardhanan
  • "
  • K.R.Chummar
  • "
  • N.Shanmughom Pillai
  • A Five Member Task Force consisting of K.V.Surendranath, S.Sarma (Sharmaji), C.K.Chandrappan, K.R.Varma and Malayattoor Ramakrishnan was set up to workout the detailed plan for raising of funds in the first general meeting of the Foundation held in January 1992. It was also decided to have an office for the Foundation near the city.

    The general meeting elected the following first Executive Committee consisting of Dr.K.N.Pai (Chairman), Dr.K.N.Raj (President), Laurie Baker (Vice-President), K.V.Surendranath (Secretary), K.R.Varma (Treasurer) and S.Sharma, C.K.Chandrappan (Then MLA), V.R.Janardhanan, K.R.Chummar (Malayala Manorama), S.Jayachandran Nair (Kala Kaumudi), and N.Shanmughom Pillai as Execitive Committee members.

    The first meeting of the committee was held on the same day. The secretary announced the formation of a District Unit of the Foundation at Kozhikode with M.T.Vasudevan Nair as President, Prof.M.P.Sreedharan as Secretary. The Secretary also reported that the Govt. Departments of Co-operation, Industries and Local Self-Govt. had issued enabling Govt. orders for Co-operative Society / Bank / Govt. Companies / Local bodies to donate funds to the Foundation. Enrollment of membership was also started and 10,000 copies of Achutha Menon Photographs were printed for sale at Rs. 5 per copy. The existing Treasurer offered to resign from the post in-order to pave the way for electing Shri.K.M.Mathew, Chief Editor, Malayala Manora as the Treasurer. It was also decided to form committees in all district centers and major cities outside Kerala to work as organs of the Foundation. The Committee also decided to publish the writings of Achutha Menon in Malayalam as well as in English in the form of books, to publish the biography of Achutha Menon and also to award a Memorial Prize to the best book in any of the Social Sciences in English or Malayalam. A souvenir was also to be published in connection with the first death anniversary.

    First General Body Meeting was held on 15.01.1994. It was attended by 21 members. It was decided to institute a Memorial Prize at the rate of Rs.3,000 each to three students of CMS Higher Secondary School and St.Thomas College, Thrissur and Govt. Law College, Thiruvananthapuram (where Sri.Achutha Menon had his school/college education, who secured the highest marks in SSLC, Pre-Degree/Plus Two/B.Sc./LLB. The prizes are being given away every year from August 1997 onwards (in connection with the 6th death anniversary of Achutha Menon.)

    The fitst Achutha Menon Memorial Prize of Rs. 1lakh sponsored by Malayala Manorama, was awarded to the book ‘Accumulation, Exchange and Development’ authored by Smt.Krishna Bharadwaj by Shri.A.K.Antony Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala in a Memorial function on 16.08.1995

    Allotment of land for the foundation

    Govt. of Kerala allotted 5 cents of land each in GOMS ---- during the tenure Shri.K.Karunakaran and Shri.A.K.Antony as Chief Ministers respectively in survey No,1517 of Thycaud Villlage at Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram. The C.Achutha Menon Study Centre & Library is housed in the building constructed on this plot. The building was constructed with the help of the grant of Rs. 10 lakh sanctioned by the govt. of India, MOHRD Department of Culture in their letter dated 19.08.1997 during the tenure of Shri.Devegowda as the Prime Minister of India.

    Registration & Bye-laws

    C.Achutha Menon Foundation was registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Act 1955 on 29th January 1992 vide Registration Non 47/92 with its head quarters at Poojappura.